Kevin Durant Addresses Russell Westbrook Congrats, Warriors Season & the Critics

As far as the NBA is concerned, right now, it’s the Golden State Warriors world and we’re all just living in it. The Dubs are running shit in the league and their championship window might be open for the next 3-5 years. Kevin Durant is a big part of why, but his move from the Oklahoma City Thunder to Oakland has come with nothing but criticism.

In talking to Cari Champion in a SC Conversation, KD looks back at his championship run with the Warriors and talks about all the work he put in to make it happen. Even with all the haters saying he made the easy move, he says it pisses him off when they discredit the work that he put in all season. He also talked about that Russell Westbrook shoutout after he won his MVP Award this season and took a shot at the media by saying he can’t let his relationship with him sour because of the “beef” people tried to create.

You can listen to that and more in the clip up top.

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