Nike Introduces SNKRS Stash. What Is It?

Nike just introduced Nike SNKRS Stash. What exactly is it and how does it benefit us? Let us try to explain.

Nike SNKRS Stash is said to be a new way to unlock exclusive products hidden throughout your city. This brand nee feature that Nike has created is an extension to the Nike SNKRS app we all know very well by now. Nike SNKRS Stash gives us a chance to track down exclusive releases that are hidden somewhere (Stash spots) throughout the (your) city. Nike SNKRS Stash launched today in Los Angeles as Nike released limited pairs of the highly coveted Just Don x Air Jordan 2 Arctic Orange. Need more info on how Nike SNKRS Stash works? Below you will find the feature’s new rules that will hopefully give you a better understanding of what Nike is trying to do.



Update to the latest version of the SNKRS App.
Check the SNKRS feed at 12pm PT to find the Stash Spot nearest you.
For best results, have your wi-fi enabled.
Pairs are sold on a first come, first served basis. Inventory is not guaranteed.
Make sure your payment and shipping info is current within SNKRS.
Once you’ve purchased your pair in the app at a Stash Spot, they’ll be shipped to you.
Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid using your app while walking or driving to a Stash Spot.

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