A Former Los Angeles Clippers Player Exposes Why Team Will Never Win


With the NBA season nearing an end, the Los Angeles Clippers are positioned to have their worst summer to date. With Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and J.J. Reddick all nearing free agency, as well as Doc Rivers coaching and general manager in question; former team player Jared Dudely was guest on Fox Sports 1’s In the Zone with Chris Broussard to discuss his lengthy stint in the NBA.

During the 7-minute mark, he touched on why the Clippers will never be able to take the next step at making a Western Conference Finals. Dudley explained that lack of practices Doc Rivers runs and team chemistry off-the-court being the main reasons why they don’t mesh together.

Due to certain teammates not liking each other during games, there is no positivity between the core on the court. Jared said Los Angeles should look to trade Blake Griffin in the off-season and finally land some decent role players on the team – or even a superstar wing.

Watch Dudley break down why Lob City hasn’t lived up to expectations over the last five years.

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