Watch the ‘POWER’ Season 4 Official Trailer

Ghost was at the top of the world, enjoying all the fruits of his labor. He had the girl he always wanted. He was enjoying success in the nightclub business. But now it’s all come crashing down.

Season 4 of POWER finds James St. Patrick behind bars and in the fight of his life. Not only is he struggling with beating the system, but his family, friends and everyone close to him is struggling to save themselves too. As you can see in the trailer for the Starz series, the heat is back on Tommy for his drug trafficking. Tasha is struggling to keep what’s left of her familytogether. Kanan is plotting his last move to end Ghost and Angela is still trying to bring her former lover Jamie down.

So, how will it play out? We’ll find out on June 25 when the show premieres.

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