Pharrell in ‘CLOUD MOOD’ adidas NMDs

Pharrell CLOUD MOOD adidas NMD

Just before Pharrell’s latest model with adidas Originals debuts, the adidas Tennis HU, he was spotted in a brand new and never before seen adidas NMD.

Pharrell was spotted in this new pair of adidas NMDs while in a studio session with Chad Hugo. He took the photo and shared it on Instagram. Looking closer, it appears that they feature a Black, Grey and White color theme. The highlight would be the large ‘CLOUD MOOD’ on the forefoot.

Below you can check out another image of Pharrell wearing the adidas NMD CLOUD MOOD. At the time of writing it isn’t known if they were just made for the artist or if they will eventually release. If more information becomes available, we will make sure to update you. Make sure to visit the comments section below and let us know your thoughts on them and if you think they should release.

Pharrell CLOUD MOOD adidas NMD

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