Manolo Rose Gives Breakdown of the Troy Ave & Taxstone Beef


A few days ago, Manolo Rose was guest on the ADD podcast to promote his upcoming major debut album, The River Jordan. With JAY Z and Memphis Bleek readying their fellow Marcy Projects comrade for an introduction to the masses, Mr. Rose took a few moments to clear up any confusion on All About The Money being the cause of his alleged rift with Troy Ave.

While Manolo has distanced himself from the serious situation, with one family suffering a death and another bracing themselves or a possible murder trial; he went to explain how NuPac and Taxstone’s beef started. Surprisingly, he examined the initial motions of Mr. Taxstone critiquing Ave’s music content, which continued in a greater scale after his weekly podcast became viral.

Given the life-changing series of events for both parties, we’re assuming Manolo wishes this situation could’ve been resolved before the controversial shootings happened.

Take a listen below to the brief excerpt from the upcoming episode of the ADD.

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