Coach David Fizdale Goes Off on Refs After Grizzlies Loss to Spurs


The Memphis Grizzlies have had a rough time against the San Antonio Spurs and coach David Fizdale is fed up. He’s fed the fuck up, truthfully.

After tonight’s loss to the Spurs again, he got ticked off during the post-game press conference and called out the officials for the fact that they had 35 shots in the paint and only had 15 free throws. It actually started with him saying Mike Conley gets no technical fouls and plays the game with class and went to Zach Randolph shooting absolutely no free throws, but yet, Kawhi Leonard wen to the line 19 times in the game.

He called the officiating for tonight’s game “poor” and said his team can get no respect from the officials. He actually said “they’re trying to rook us” but refuses to be. He said the officials didn’t even give them a chance to be in the game

After his rant, he walked off the podium and dropped the mic as he banged his hand on the table.

The Grizzlies actually got to within four points in the fourth quarter. but Leonard and the Spurs were too much for Memphis to handle. Pau Gasol got the best of his brother Marc once again and it seems like San Antonio might be cruising to the second round.

One of the highlights of the game besides Kawhi going off, was Vince Carter punking young Kyle Anderson after he thought he got tripped. The OG was going in on him.

The series now goes to Memphis where the Grizz will look to get a game or two at home and tie things up. Whether the Spurs will be too much to handle remains to be seen. We’re guessing it will be the most likely outcome, but we’re not counting Memphis out.

FINAL: SAS 96 | MEM 82

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