@TreySongz Speaks on Nicki Minaj, Drake Tension & More on The Breakfast Club


It hasn’t even been a month since Trey Songz was up on The Breakfast Club talking about his Tremaine The Playboy reality series, but now that his Tremaine album is out, a lot more has happened since then.

On the subject of Nicki Minaj, he felt disrespected by the way she came at him during the Remy Ma beef and he feels like he put her on the map with “Bottoms Up.” He denied the allegations that he slept with her on Twitter and in this interview and he says that she never apologized for anything that transpired.

On Drake:

“We really were friends. We had personal issues that we never really spoke about. We still haven’t really all the way figured it out. There’s things we haven’t talked about that we should, as men, talk about. We’ve just been going our way, staying out of each other’s way. There’s never no bad blood. He’s never spoke down about me. I’ve never spoke down about him. But it’s obvious we haven’t made music and we’re not nowhere together.”

He says the tension is not about a girl and the two have worked together on music, so that’s a good sign.

Trey went on to talk about Chris Brown, making music with Meek Mill, why he’s never tried a hand at pop music and his ongoing legal battles. You can listen to it all up top.

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