Russell Westbrook Throws Ridiculous Assist to Victor Oladipo

At this point, what CAN’T Russell Westbrook do on the basketball court. He’s at the top of the MVP race and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. He’s helped get the Oklahoma City Thunder get in the thick of the playoff hunt, tallied an absurd number of triple doubles and does it with ease.

Tonight against the Toronto Raptors, Russ threw an unthinkable pass cross court, between the legs of a defender and assisted Victor Oladipo on the run. Shit was straight out of NBA 2K.

Not to mention he got another triple double, putting him at 34 for the season.

Russ finished the game with 16 assists, 10 rebounds and 24 points in the Thunder win. Oladipo didn’t trail too far behind, dropping 23 points of his own and snatching 5 rebounds.

Thirty-four triple doubles. 34.

FINAL: OKC 123 | TOR 102

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