Microsoft Sets Release-Window for Next-Gen HoloLens Device



COMING 2019, BUT LIKELY 2020. . .

Remember when Microsoft first gave a public premiere of their HoloLens device two years ago? Most of the tech-world expected the $3,000 device to hit consumers last year, shortly after the developer edition was released for Windows 10 and game developers on Xbox One.

However, with emerging technology and addition of 4K content to Windows and their Xbox Scorpio console, later this year; the company has plans for a more advanced device than before.

According to Thurrott, home of Microsoft news, they’re now targeting a 2019 consumer release; which will feature significant upgrades than the initial debut from previous years.

Due to the lack of competition in the Augmented Reality space, Microsoft is putting more resources to ensure a proper generational leap in HoloLens technology is presented to fans.

We’re not expecting anything to be shown at e3 in June; but we could get more intel next year at the 2018 Consumer Electronic Showcases in Las Vegas, for their mixed reality smart-glass.

If you need a reminder of the technology below or have never witnessed the HoloLens, take a look at the NFL-based and live sports TV-demo video below.

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