10 Hyped Sneakers That Are Still Available Right Now


There was an aura of excitement and a little bit of danger that night at the Montalban. Rarely has there been a raffle more intense. The tension was so palpable that if you did score a pair, Nike was smart enough to send for your car ahead of time so you could buy your kicks, jet out of the crowd and into your ride in one motion. Not that people were going to fight you in front of hundreds of people because that would be stupid, but who wants to be the sneakerhead that lucks out while everybody else is hoping to get their own pair(s)?

Want to feel old or just have a realization that you’ve been doing this for a while now? That scene from the Montalban Theater in Los Angeles was from 2012, when the Nike Air Foamposite Galaxy dropped five years ago during NBA All-Star Weekend. There was a raffle where people could buy any pair they wanted, and from the Galaxy Foams on down, people were itching to cop anything from that pack. Remember the craziness of that release and the lengths both hilarious and nefarious that some were willing to take to buy one to either keep or sell down the line? Way before there were apps and draws and complicated raffle procedures that have mitigated some (keyword is “some”) of the madness, sneakerheads were buying anything that had a swoosh and some hype on it. Foams and Jordans were all the rage, but people were scooping up LeBrons, Kobes, and KDs as well. Yes, those of you who are too young to remember; there was a time when people lined up for Nike Basketball signature shoes. It was different back then.

Foams, Jordans, LeBrons. Unless you’re talking about super-rare colorways or OGs, the thrill of copping them just isn’t there anymore. As a sneakerhead who has been through it all, the progression of time and tastes is kind of amazing as they can now go to a store and buy a pair that would have been sold out in mere minutes just a few years ago with ease. The catch is that sneakers have never been more expensive than they are right now, but it’s a price that most are willing to pay to get what they want, no questions asked. But it’s not hard to imagine what kicks that are sitting right now would have been impossible to cop just as recently as two to three years ago.


1Nike Air Foamposite One XX Royal


Let’s start this off with the most glaring pair that’s been available right now. When it comes to Foams, the Royal are on par with the Banned Air Jordan 1s when it comes to its place in sneaker history. Penny Hardaway and Mike Bibby made history in these and the story behind the origins of the Foams is revered to this day. But while Banned 1s continue to sell regardless of quality or price tag, the Royal Foams are still available now a month after it dropped.

2Air Jordan 6 All-Star


Yes, it’s only been a week, but Jordan retros that drop during All-Star Weekend used to be a sure thing. Being paired up with a super hot Air Jordan 1 – which not surprisingly sold out – probably forced some fans to make a decision, but it’s rare to see a model as iconic as the Air Jordan 6 sit in store especially when you consider where it’s ranked in the hierarchy of the the entire line. A price drop is in order for these, but would anybody be really surprised if these became sleeper hits a few years down the line?

3Under Armour Curry 3 Dub Nation

Under Armour

Hey, remember Steph Curry? Two-time NBA MVP, not to mention the first to win the award in a unanimous vote? Former NBA Champion and face of the new generation? That guy?

Overshadowed by the emergence of Kevin Durant in Oakland has been the way Curry has stepped back from the spotlight like he step backs and takes a long three-pointer. His signature shoes have not been the hot sellers as they were in previous years as evidenced by his Dub Nation colorways still being available at this moment. In the past, Curry sneakers in Warriors colors were quick sellers, but that hasn’t happened so far.

4Nike KD 9


Two things stood out when Kevin Durant first revealed the Nike KD 9 almost a year ago. First, he claims that the tech in the shoe is worth $250 but since Nike is acknowledging that the pricing of his kicks has gotten out of hand, it’s retailing for “only” $150. Second, he says that he’s not an $88 player, referencing his very successful but also very cheap Nike Zoom KD 4 from a few years back. He wants to be seen as an elite level player with elite level shoes that are priced accordingly and sells like they were $88. That’s a hard balance to manage and so far the Nike KD 9 has not been the mega hit that some predicted. Better luck with the Nike KD 10, I guess?

5Air Jordan 11 Low Gold


How many pairs did Jordan Brand produce really? No retro has gotten as many restocks as these have in the past year, leading us to believe that these would have been sitting in more stores if they had just dropped them all during its original release date. This is more of a preference for the mid-cut Air Jordan 11s than anything else, because if these were the designated Christmas time 11s they would sell in droves like Space Jams or 72-10s.

6Nike Air Force 180 Mid Olympics


Perhaps the best example of how things have truly changed in the sneaker world, the Nike Air Force 180 Mid that Charles Barkley wore in the 1992 Olympics returned for the first time in 2012 to a frenzy, holding its own against the behemoths like the Air Jordan 6 Olympic that dropped on the same weekend. Thinking maybe Nike could strike lightning twice, they brought the 180 back again last year and the reception was a thud. Several months later, they can be had at clearance prices. That is, if you care at all…

7adidas NMD Triple White


Actually, this is less a critique and more of a “oh good, adidas is wising up and making sure colorways like the Triple White are always available for people to buy because they get dirty real quick.”

8Reebok Shaq Attaq Azure Blue


The OG Shaq Attaq is still the best of the bunch, but it looks like those that have been waiting nearly a lifetime for Reebok Classics to bring them back got their fill when these first got a retro release in 2013. Look for these to sell briskly once the price starts to come down however, much like the last pair on our list…

9Nike LeBron 14 BHM


When all is said and done, people are going to look back – for better or worse – at the Nike LeBron 11, 12, and 13 the same way they look back at the Air Jordan 11, 12, and 13. No, that’s lie. They’re going in totally different directions. However, the Air Jordan 14 was a turning point for the Jordan’s signature line, so maybe the Nike LeBron 14 will be seen in the same way as the shoe is doing away with the excesses of the past producing a signature shoe that’s lighter and cheaper than before. Just don’t expect people to jump back on board right away as evidenced by the BHM pair still being available at the moment.

10Air Jordan 3 True Blue


People are out of their damn minds ignoring a classic like this. Ok, maybe not because $220 is a lot of money just to own a pair of 3s with “Nike Air” on them, but imagine if these has dropped around the same time as the White/Cement retro that celebrated MJ’s dunk contest win.


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