Buy, Pass, Wait NBA All-Star Weekend Edition: 3 Kicks To Buy, 1 To Pass

It’s NBA All-Star Weekend and that means there are so many new kicks coming out that it would be impossible to keep track of them all (unless you have the Kicks On Fire app, which you should have right now). Actually, the only thing impossible is bringing together the KoF Staff together long enough to do a proper Buy, Pass, Wait so this week I asked them to go ahead and put them their list of 3 kicks that they plan on or hope to able to buy this weekend and 1 pair that needs to go away fast. Hopefully you’ll have better luck than us trying to cop them all this weekend, especially yours truly since I’ll be running around New Orleans going from event to event (which is why you should totally follow our hi-jinx on Instagram Stories).

Juan Martinez, Editor-In-Chief

3 To Buy


Nike LeBron 14 BHM: Since I already own the Kyrie 3 and Nike didn’t feel the need to put out a Kobe A.D. in BHM colors this year, let’s go with the LeBron 14. The black, white and gold theme has been done by Nike a few times already for different purposes, but it always takes on a special meaning for Black History Month and especially when Equality is a big part of Nike’s campaign not only for BHM but moving forward.

Nike SF Air Force 1 Dust: I can’t believe it’s 2017 and I’m hyped up for an Air Force 1, let alone a super high-cut pair, but that’s the swoosh’s most amazing accomplishment of the past few months. They have breathed new life into the iconic silhouette with the military theme and modular function with the multiple straps that allow people to wear how they want.

Air Jordan 31 All-Star: Saw it in person last night and I love it. The Nike Air Penny 5 and Nike Kobe 7 Invisibility Cloak might sue for gimmick infringement, but I still think it’s still a great pair nonetheless.

1 To Pass

Air Jordan 12 OVO Black: I didn’t even bother trying last night with the various draws Nike was putting out because it’s crazy that we have so many all-black or almost all-black Air Jordan 12s coming out that it has diluted the style to a certain degree. And I love Air Jordan 12s so for this to be my Pass is unexpected.

Renz Ofiaza, News

3 To Buy

Air Jordan 13 White/True Red: I missed out on the 2010 release and this color combination is definitely one of my favorites. It’s also a colorway from the line that I prefer a lot, alongside the Flint and Bred.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Vachetta Tan: I haven’t purchased this style in a while and it’s certainly a silhouette that I like a lot. This colorway and construction is just superb. I’m just a big fan of the lifestyle/luxe vibe and I’m pretty much biased overall.

Air Jordan 1 All-Star: It’s rare for me to dislike this sneaker often and this variation is another winner in my view. I just like how dynamic it looks with the iridescent detailing and I also like how it’s placed in the right areas to go with its timeless appeal.

1 To Pass

Air Jordan 6 All Star: I do like the iridescent/stealthy-like aesthetic of it, but somehow, I’m just not keen on how it looks overall. To me, I would’ve preferred the iridescent flair placed on various portions instead a tonal theme. It’s still a solid offering, although it’s a pass for me.

Andres Carrillo, News

3 To Buy


Air Jordan 1 All-Star: When I first saw this colorway of the Air Jordan 1 I wasn’t sold, but the more more (and better) images that surfaced the more I’ve grown to like the shoe. The iridescemt detailing gives these a unique look, but at the same time they’re not too hard to wear.

Air Jordan 13 White/True-Red: I don’t own any Air Jordan 13s in my collection yet, and this OG Chicago colorway is screaming my name. I plan on checking them out in person before I buy them, and unless the quality is horrible then I plan on grabbing a pair.

Air Jordan 12 OVO Black: I don’t expect to pick these up but I’ll be giving it a shot through the SNKRS app. Good luck to everyone trying to cop, we’re gonna need it.

1 To Pass

Air Jordan 6 All-Star: I understand what Jordan Brand was trying to do with the iridescent theme this year, but in my opinion the execution didn”t come out right on this Jordan 6. Maybe if the entire upper wasn’t iridescent they would have looked better. Or maybe they should have used a different silhouette? Also, why are these priced at $225???

Juan Carrillo, News

3 To Buy

Air Jordan 12 OVO Black: I’d much rather prefer the White OVO 12s, but this is a nice consolation prize. I would have preferred a bit more contrast on the shoe, but the stingray texture on the upper makes up for it. I don’t care much for Drake, but his Jordan collabs are solid.

Nike Blazer Studio Low: I’m pretty sure it’s not really Vachetta Tan, but still. This shade of leather looks great on the upper. It’s very minimal looking but that’s a great look for this low-profile silhouette. The leather laces, the discreet Swoosh branding on the panels and tongue are all nice subtle features that shouldn’t go unknown. Definitely a sleeper in this week’s drops.

Converse Chuck Modern East vs. West: Continuing with the minimal/subtle aesthetic theme, I’m really impressed/intrigued by the Converse Chuck Modern. Although this non-lux version comes in a mesh upper, it’s still a nice subtle look on the shoe. The tonal star motif on the upper is also a nice touch to the NBA All-Star theme. I dig it.

1 To Pass

Nike Air Foamposite Vachetta Tan: I’m not a big fan of this model and the fact that the upper is not real Vachetta Tan (rather just a shade of it_ is quite disappointing. The $300 price tag also makes it easier to pass on these without hesitation.

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