KoF Live: Air Jordan 1 High Golf Chicago Unboxing (Video)


Since the beginning of time, golf shoes and basketball shoes have sat at opposite ends of the spectrum. While a golfer demands a stable base that prevents their feet from slipping and ruining their swing, the cut has often been low to allow their ankle to move freely. On the other hand, traditionalists prefer their basketball shoes to run high with plenty of padding to protect their ankles from getting broken from a sick crossover. But Nike – and by extension, Nike Golf and Jordan Brand – have never been one for norms. The Swoosh broke the mold with the Air Jordan 1 and every Air Jordan since of what the expectations of a basketball shoe could be. With Tiger Woods, Nike created a new lane for themselves with Nike Golf and changed the uniform of a golfer from cartoon caricature to one that was sleek and modern. So isn’t it about time these two icons came together? Enter the Air Jordan 1 High Golf.

Nike Golf is no stranger to shifting expectations. Last year they brought Flyknit to the sport with the Flyknit Chukka and it gave people the feel of a lightweight high-top sneaker while still maintaining the same performance benefits and protection that one would expect from a standard golf shoe. The Air Jordan 1 High is a far cry from Flyknit. It features the same Free-inspired sole as the Nike TW’13 and waterproof leather upper of the Air Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 9. The difference between the 6 and 9 from the 1 is that while the latter went low, the 1 is cut like 1985 original. Nike Golf has gone high before with the Blazer and the Lunar Bandon, but the Air Jordan 1 is a different beast altogether. For starters, it has grabbed the attention of the sneaker community unlike any other golf shoe maybe ever.

Check out our quick look at the Nike Golf Air Jordan 1 in video above, which was broacast on Facebook Live. The shoes, along with a white and silver colorway, will be available on February 10 and once the sun starts to rise in Southern California again, we’ll be back with a more detailed analysis of the shoe once we put it through the paces.

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