Image via: Fear of God

Image via: Fear of God

In just a few short years, designer Jerry Lorenzo has transformed his nascent label Fear of God into a fashion heavy hitter. The brand’s latest release — simply dubbed the Fifth Collection — is steeped in ’90s nostalgia, with oversized and relaxed fits finished in various cozy fabrics, including French terry, corduroy, flannel and cotton twill. Lorenzo cites baseball as a main inspiration, along with a personal history of high school sports. Proportions are drawn from the ’80s, featuring volume up top with slimmer fitting bottoms, which this time around incorporates raw denim instead of the distressed aesthetic seen in seasons past. Elsewhere, drawstring khakis, sweats and basketball shorts draw a connection to traditional sportswear.

For the first time, the apparel pieces will be available in size XS for women, and shoes will be offered in womens sizes. Footwear silhouettes include the new Jungle sneaker, the Hiker sneaker and the Basketball sneaker, a reimagined version of Lorenzo’s favorite LA Gear, Converse and Nike styles of the ’90s, done up in luxurious leather with a modern, sleeker shape.

Check out all 96 looks in the gallery below, and expect the goods to be available through fearofgod.com later in the year.

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