The NFL Releases 2017 London Games Schedule



The NFL is really pushing for this London marriage to go further than its ever gone next season. Making their England debuts will be the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals, who will join the likes of Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins as teams playing across the pond in 2017.

This will be the most games ever played in London throughout a regular season, bringing next year’s total to four.

The Ravens will play the Jags either Week 3 or Week 4 (at Wembley Stadium), while the Saints will take on the Dolphins on the other week those two don’t play. The Browns will play the Vikings in Week 7 or Week 8 (at Twickenham), leaving the Cards and Rams to play on the remaining week.

Whether this move brings an NFL expansion team to London remains to be seen, but the league’s International Series keeps getting bigger and we don’t imagine it will slow down any time soon.

Put your money down that there will be five games in London in 2018.

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