Official Look: The adidas Dame 3 Is Damian Lillard’s (@Dame_Lillard) Most Personal Signature Shoe Yet

Don’t be alarmed, it’s really called the Dame 3. After two years of following in the same naming convention of other adidas Basketball signature athletes, Damian Lillard is breaking out of the mold with the adidas Dame 3. The limited edition all-red Roots colorway will begin the roll out of the Dame 3 starting tomorrow, December 14, for $115. The Rip City colorway drops on January 19.


While the name change is a progressive move for Lillard, the Dame 3 is also about paying homage to those who raised him.  According to Dame via a press release, “[w]ith this being my third shoe, it’s all about appreciation for the people that went out of their way so I’d be able to hoop growing up. There were a lot of things that happened where if I didn’t have a strong support system – it probably would’ve drowned me. But my family helped me rise up, and now I want to inspire and encourage everyone else to do the same thing.”

Some of the personal details on the shoe include the initials of his mother and two grandmothers Gina, Cecilia and Ruth and his father and grandfather Houston and Albert being molded to the toe on the shoe. There’s also the coordinates of Oakland’s Brookfield neighborhood the can be found on the outrigger of the left and right foot, and then there’s the numbers 56316 on the outsole, which was the code on the telephone pole where he learned to shoot into a milk crate that was in front his grandparents’ house. Finally, “WEARING THE LETTER O” and “The Letter O” can be found on the sockliner, which is a callback to his intro as a member of the Blazers and the three places that have been crucial to his career – Oakland, Ogden and Oregon – getting to where he is today.

As for the tech components of the shoe, you’re probably wondering what you’re getting for such a relatively affordable price. The Dame 3 will feature a TECHFIT bootie that hugs the foot not unlike the Lillard 1 and 2, a customizable lacing system, a fused mesh upper that ensures your feet will able to breathe, a new traction pattern that brings to mind the milk crate story, a wrapped TPU at the shoe’s center with an internal torsion plate provides stability, and dual-density BOUNCE cushioning.

We will be in attendance for the launch of the shoe at adidas Headquarters today so be sure to follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook Live for a look at the actual shoe, insights into the design and maybe a cameo from Dame himself. Basically if it’s the adidas alphaBOUNCE of basketball shoes – stylish (in the right colorway), affordable and comfortable – then I’m sold on the Dame 3. Stay tuned.

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