Kevin Durant Goes Off Against the OKC Thunder in Blowout Win

When the NBA schedule came out, this was automatically one of the most anticipated games of the year. Kevin Durant facing his old team in the Oklahoma City Thunder. Russell Westbrook bring the revenge out on the court. It was supposed to be better than last year’s Western Conference Finals. Until it wasn’t.

The media did a good job of building up the Westbrook vs. Durant feud leading up to it, but when it was all said and done, it was a lopsided win for the Golden State Warriors.

Durant snapped for a career-tying seven three pointers on the night. He had 29 points in the first half alone. He outscored the whole Thunder team in the second quarter. It seemed like he became a tough guy in that Warriors jersey, all of the sudden.

You know the OKC players weren’t with it, though. Enes Kanter was very vocal on the bench and had a few words with Durant while free throws were being shot.

At the end of the day, KD finished the game with 39 points and 7 rebounds as the Warriors blew out the visiting Thunder at Oracle Arena. What was supposed to be one of the greatest games of the season fell flat and wasn’t much of a competition after the second quarter.

Of course, none of the Thunder players shook KD’s hand after the game and Russy didn’t acknowledge Kevin before or after the game.

FINAL: GS 122 | OKC 96

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