Cubs Defeat Indians to Win World Series for First Time in 108 Years



Game 7. Winner takes all. The World Series. It couldn’t have been written any better and the hype played out even better than anyone could have predicted.

Corey Kluber was facing Kyle Hendricks in what seemed like an elite level matchup, pitching wise. This game was going to come down to the bats and bullpen and which team made mistakes along the way.

The Chicago Cubs got off to a hot start thanks to Dexter Fowler‘s home run to start the game and it seemed like their bats were continuing the hitting streaks from Game 6.

The score was in the Cubs favor until the 3rd inning when Carlos Santanasingled to right and brought Coco Crisp home. The tie didn’t even last an inning because Chicago came back in the Top of the 4th inning with hits from Addison Russell and Wilson Contreras, bringing runs in from Kris Bryantand Ben Zobrist.

Then in the Top of the 5th inning, Javier Baez hit a jack to right center. Later that inning, Anthony Rizzo hit a single to right and brought Bryant home again.

It was time for Kluber to leave the mound at that point.

With a 5-1 lead, it seemed like the Cubs needed to hold on to the score for three innings to get the trophy, but you knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. The Cleveland Indians kept clawing away at the lead and kept fighting. Especially when Jon Lester made his way to the mound.

He started his night with a couple of wild pitches, one of which got away from David Ross and helped Cleveland score two runs in the bottom of the 5th inning.

Then the very next inning, Ross redeemed himself by hitting a home run against Andrew Miller.

By the 8th inning, the Cubs win was almost signed sealed and delivered. But like we said, the Indians kept fighting. And that fight came in the bottom of the 8th when Brandon Guyer brought Jose Ramirez home to help Cleveland pull within two runs. Then Rajai Davis stepped up to the plate against Aroldis Chapman and he sent a two-run shot of the park to tie the score at six in wild fashion.

The momentum shift was absolutely insane. It seemed like Cleveland was about to give Chicago fans a hell of a heartbreak. Then the game went into extra innings and everyone’s nerves were on overdrive. Even people who aren’t fans of either of the teams were stressed.

The 10th inning started and then the rain came. The game had to stop for a 17-minute delay.

But it’s the best thing that could have happened to the Cubs. Apparently, Jason Heyward rallied the troops during the rain delay in the locker room and told them to get their act together. Whatever was said in that players only meeting must have been epic, because it sparked the offense the Cubs needed to win the game.

Chicago came out of that rain delay swinging and scored two runs thanks to hits from Zobrist and Miguel Montero. It was the push they needed to seal the victory.

But like we said before, the Indians kept fighting.

They came into the bottom of the 10th and scored one run to pull the lead to within one, but it wasn’t enough. Mike Montgomery took the mound and finished the game.

The game was absolutely epic and was the best Game 7 we’ve ever seen in our lives. There were so many story lines, plenty of action along the way and the game was so electric that you couldn’t help but to stay on the edge of your seat.

Theo Epstein officially ends another championship drought, the Cubs win the World Series for the first time in 108 years, the curse of the Billy Goat is lifted and Bartman can finally walk around Chicago without feeling like the biggest loser in the history of the franchise.

They couldn’t have done it any better than coming back from a 3-1 series deficit and with many of the players on the squad under the age of 24, this team has the juice to be an elite squad for years to come. Can they repeat? They’re already throwing the phrase around.

Either way, it was a historic game and one to remember.


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