Derrick Rose Puts Mike Conley Jr. on Skates for Sick Crossover



Last Monday, the New York Knicks opened up their 2017 campaign on the road, to witness LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers raise their championship banner, enjoy a ring ceremony and receive a beat down in the process. However, after a few days to look through game film and their coaching staff improve the flow of the ball on offense, as well as the team being more vocal on defense, we saw improvements – with an impressive win Saturday against the Memphis Grizzlies.

This was led by hometown Hell’s Kitchen native of Gotham, Joakim Noah, who managed to stay in the game and managed his fouls through the later stages of the game. With Carmelo Anthony openly allowing his teammates to join in on the field goals attempted throughout the night, he only put up 15 shots for the night. Kristaps Porzingis was the leading scorer for the night, which we’re sure fantasy owners like myself will be locking him in at starting power forward. However, the highlight of the game was fans seeing what they can expected from an injury-rested Derrick Rose.

In the third quarter, when NY was leading by double digits, the former MVP of the league would show flashes of his past elite level play, to put the highest contracted player in the history of the NBA on skates. Take a look above at Mike Conley, Jr. having to endure crossover from D-Rose, which should have Knicks fans intrigued for the next spring – if their bench continues to produce.

FINAL: NYK 111 | MEM 104

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