Buy, Pass, Wait: Air Jordan 4 Ginger, adidas Harden Vol. 1, Under Armour Curry 3


The weekend presents a lot of options for sneakerheads as basketball – the sport that really started all of this – is back in business. Stephen Curry looks to rebound from the greatest regular season of all-time that also blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals and a unanimous MVP award while also dropping the most clowned at shoe of the year with the Under Armour Curry 3, Nike Basketball returns sans Kobe with a Battle Grey Pack and James Harden revealed his first signature shoe this past weekend (although it won’t drop until December). We’re talking about that and much more in this week’s edition of Buy, Pass, Wait.


Air Jordan 4 Ginger


Juan Martinez, Editor-In-Chief: (PASS) So basically Jordan Brand saw what Hender Scheme was doing and thought they could do it better and in an official capacity. The “official” is the keyword there because I wouldn’t buy a pair of Hender Scheme bootlegs no matter how well they were made or how much the price drops out of principle. That being said, I still wouldn’t buy a pair of the Ginger 4s because of the price and the fact that it looks like low-cut cowboy boots.

Renz Ofiaza, News: (BUY) I really like the tonal look and how it slightly differs in certain lighting conditions. I would’ve preferred Hender Scheme’s colorway, since it would probably age better in time. I’d buy this to re-sell though.

Juan Carrillo, News: (PASS) The more I see them, the more I like them. It’s just that $400 price tag, man. I bit too much for these in my opinion. The only way I’d consider getting these would be if the leather had been vachetta tan. If that would have been the case then I’d be more inclined in dropping $400 on them because there’s nothing quite more beautiful than a worn-in pair of Vachetta Tan shoes/sneakers.

Nike Air Presto Greedy


EIC Juan: (PASS) The colors don’t work for me, much like the similar themed Nike Air Max 95 Greedy or the upcoming Air Jordan 1 Top 3. I like the concept behind them and really, mismatched kicks should be a more normal occurrence, but the colors on the Presto take are just bland.

Renz: (BUY) The theme looks really great on the silhouette and it’s one of its best iterations so far this season.

News Juan: (PASS) I like the multi-color theme on the shoe, but not enough to make me want to get a pair. I feel like there’s something missing, I’m not sure what it is, but this is a shoe I can live without.

NikeLab Air Zoom Talaria Safari


EIC Juan: (BUY) I have zero nostalgia for the Talaria and would normally pass on any iteration of them, but I like the way iconic Safari print and colors are implemented on this new release. I would buy if there was no hassle in trying to get them, but I’m not going out of my way to cop.

Renz: (WAIT) I’ve always liked this theme, especially on the Air Max 1. It’s a stylish and appealing pair in my opinion, but, I’d rather get it at a lower price point.

News Juan: (WAIT) Big fan of the Safari theme/colorway. I also like the fact that Nike decided to bring back the Zoom Talaria. I just don’t feel like paying retail for these. I think there’s a good chance that these hit. When that day comes, I’ll scoop them up for the low-low!

Nike Basketball Battle Grey Pack (Pick One)

EIC Juan: Nike LeBron Soldier 10


Hey look, LeBron’s real signature shoe gets a solid grey and gold colorway that is an absolute must-buy. Look how far we’ve come from the disastrous Nike LeBron 13 release (note: I actually like the LeBron 13 but I’m weird so there’s that).

Renz: Nike Kyrie 2


I don’t even remember the last time I disliked a colorway on this sneaker. This version is just another versatile option that should appeal to many.

News Juan: Nike KD 9


I I had to pick my favorite from the 3, It would definitely the KD 9. Reason being, it’s my favorite model from the three, and it comes in the most versatile colorway. The Kyrie 2s are a close 2nd, but I’d definitely go for the KD 9s.

Thoughts On The adidas Harden Vol. 1


EIC Juan: Judging from the size of the event they had this past weekend, James Harden and adidas are determined to make the Vol. 1 a real thing in the sneaker world. It’s a bummer that a lot of people’s first impression of the shoe are those crappy leaks from a few months back but I think they are going to be pleasantly surprised with the results of the final product. I like the Pioneer colorway that we received at the event, but that Gila Monster is the hottest of hot fire and those are a must-have whenever they drop.

Renz: Aesthetically, I like how it balances a lifestyle look with performance. The asymmetrical lacing system is a cool element but I dislike the two-tone upper, especially in the Pioneer colorway. I like the olive-based version the most so far. It’s not that bad of a design and I like how it’s kept low-cut.

News Juan: The shoes look way better than the “first look” we saw a while back ago. The model has potential to look very different depending on the textures/pattern/colors adidas decides to put on its upper. Not a bad first signature sneaker. With that being said, why’d the Lakers have to beat up on Harden and the Rockets to begin the season? Come on, Harden!

Thoughts On The Under Armour Curry 3

Under Armour
Under Armour

EIC Juan: I’ve heard nothing but good things from those who have had time to mess around with the Under Armour Curry 3, so I’m not worried about the performance. Once again, it’s the look of the shoe that is going to be the deal breaker for those in the sneaker community because they fit what they’re looking for. However, that might not matter in the end ultimately because despite the beatdown they suffered in their home debut, Steph and the Warriors are going to demolish the NBA and people are going to want a piece of that in the form of their sneakers. Some will go KD, but many will go Steph. Sorry, Klay Thompson….

Renz: It seems like another generic design in my opinion. I like the minimalist/simplistic approach though, and it evokes more lifestyle appeal, which the designers obviously aimed for since that’s the key currently. At least the upcoming colorways are pretty appealing so far. I definitely like this style the most compared to its predecessors.

News Juan: Is it just me, or does the UA Curry 3 look eerily similar to the Air Jordan 22? With that being said, I was never fan of the 22s, which means I hold the same sentiment towards the Curry 3. The shoe may have evolved in the performance department, but in my opinion, it regressed in the looks department. They kind of look like the generic shoe 2K hooks you up with when you barely begin “My Career” mode and you have no money or skills. Ha!

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