Apple Announces New TV App That Will Consolidate Your Experience



There was an Apple event today and unless you’re a super stan, you may have missed it. One of the big announcements coming out of it besides the new Macbooks had to do with the television experience.

Apple is launching a new TV app that will unify your watching.

Basically, the app is meant to show you what’s on at the time, based on the apps you already have installed. You won’t be able to view any of the content on the actual app, it will merely point you to the direction of where it’s at. So take it like a TV guide, without the power of watching TV. So the more HBO, ESPN, TNT, apps you have installed, the more options you will have. Plus, it will work with Siri.

On the good side, the app will allow you to have a one-time sign in to your cable provider so you don’t have to enter credentials every time out.

Only bad thing? No Netflix support.

It sounds appealing, but may just be a half-step into the future of television for Apple. If anything, the Chromecast app already does this, which is a lot what it sounds like when they described this. Not everyone has Chromecast, though, so it’ll be new to the Apple fan boys.

Expect the new TV app to hit iPhone, iPad and Apple TV later this year.

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