There’s An Air Jordan Retro Restock Right Now And Guess What Nobody’s Buying?

Right now at Villa (click here), there is a restock of select Air Jordan retros going on for those of you who want another shot at some recent releases. While it’s not the most comprehensive restock, some choice selections are still available now as of this post, including the all-red Air Jordan 11Lab4, the Air Jordan 4 Laser and some Air Jordan 6 Lows. But there’s one pair that is still available that was hyped up to the heavens and it makes me smile. Can you guess which one?

Villa Restock Jordan Jokes 1


That’s right, the vaunted “Pro Stars” Air Jordan 5 can still be purchased at retail. Actually, you don’t even have to wait for restocks because you can find them at some stores just languishing in the Team Jordan section.

Granted, this doesn’t mean anything in the long run as long as people are buying everything else, but it’s funny to think about how much hype was being placed on these when they were first called “Space Jam” and then to watch it slowly fade into the ether as we got closer to release. Good to know times and tastes are changing….

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