A simply guide on how to attend your first White Shirt Blue Jean event:

A simply guide on how to attend your first White Shirt Blue Jean event:

1. First off, did you RSVP yet? Get that outta the way ASAP (SkyBlue.eventbrite.com) to secure your place in history! And share the link with friends.

2. Shop or do wardrobe research to finalize your outfit ideas, in a sea of blue & white your footwear and accessories is what will make you stand out.

3. Remember K.I.S.S. keep it simple son! Huge graphics on shirts and bedazzled or bleached out jeans in the ass cheek area is NO BUENO! Especially if you’re a dude! Leave those Red Monkey jeans at the zoo! Oh yeah, there’s definitely a NO shorts policy for guys too. Save ’em for the upcoming (secret) BBQ we’re having the Sunday after (Aug 18th wink). Not too many guys can pull it off successfully so…just no.

4. Ladies feel free to mix it up okay? Denim cut offs, jean skirts, fitted jeans (no baby phat, or apple bottoms, or other fruit bottoms of any kind!) shorts, capris, etc. Just top it off with some colorful accessories and a crisp white shirt, awesome footwear and you’re good money.

5. Because the dress code is SO basic, if you didn’t get in blame yourself or the friend that didn’t fill you in (unless you’re the one reading this). Focus on just getting their on time!

6.Speaking of time, we highly recommend you arrive EARLY! Especially if you have a large party of ppl looking to secure a good table to post up at. The kitchen will be open so order food and a few sangrias, live ya life, and watch the “show.” LOL!

7.Have the proper ID ready when you arrive at the door. It makes NO sense that you followed the “rules” and stood on line, just to be shut down by no proof of age (which is 21 btw). Break out that passport if necessary.

8. NO rescues at the door! If you see the line is long, we WARNED you to be early! Now you just have to trade it for being patient. It’s a NO cover, highly anticipated event so what do you expect? Just pretend its Black Friday and its a 40″ TV on sale waiting for you inside. Hahaha!

9. If you’re coming into town to attend this event and you consider yourself highly attractive with equally attractive friends fill free to contact us (theBlockAssoc@gmail.com) with details of where you’re coming from & if you need somewhere to stay after you’ve all gotten extremely wasted. We’ll be more then happy to help. Please send pics first! LMAO.

10. Lastly come with a GREAT attitude and just enjoy another beautiful rooftop event before the summer end. And remember to Tweet, Instagram, and hashtag the s**t out if this moment! There will be NO do overs only NEW memories…share them with the unfortunate ones that couldn’t make it. #theBlockBoys, #theBlockAssociation, #SkyBlue, #WhiteshirtBlueJeans #CopaOnTilt

Bugatti Special Edition “Les Legendes de Bugatti”


Be sure to collect all six editions in “Les Légendes de Bugatti,” which are Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesses that “commemorate the renowned names which have played a crucial role in its history and which have helped creating its mystique,” but not the Mercury Mystique. The first model is dedicated to Bugatti’s long-standing driver from the 1930s, French racing hero Jean-Pierre Wimille.

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nike air foamposite pro asteroid 1 Nike Air Foamposite Pro   Asteroid

Holy Foamposite. Nike fans make sure to strap in and get ready for one crazy, psychedelic ride with this latest Air Foamposite Pro dubbed the Asteroid. Dropping with a multi-colored and splattered upper that begins with a yellow toe that fades into black as we head toward the heel, the designers over at  HQ must have had a lot of fun with this one. The design was inspired by the heat created when an asteroid crashes into the atmosphere, complete with a matching gradient sole and similarly colored outsole. The lining is also multi-colored to match the overall design, but  chose to go with black for the laces, Swoosh, and other accessories to add a bit of contrast to the look. There isn’t a confirmed date that this piece straight from outer space is set to impact us this fall, but stick with us and we’ll bring you information as soon as it comes up on our radar.

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