Munich Tattoo Artists Bring Graphic Arts, History to Calfskin

Tattooed Poster Chaos Crew 01

Graphic arts aren’t all about graphic design, as Chaos Crew’s tattooed poster goes to show – they’re also about “getting history under your skin.” That’s the motto under which the crew operates, and what better way for the Munich tattoo studio to advertise itself than with a massive calfskin poster displaying all the major historic events that took place in 2011. Just as tattoo motives tell countless stories, we interwove the most important events of 2011 into one huge tattoo. History was tattooed onto calfskin to promote the art of tattooing in its most authentic form – on real skin,” state the artists who worked on the impressively detailed piece. There’s the Greek financial crisis, Osama bin Laden’s death, the Occupy Wall Street movement and the deaths of Steve Jobs and Muammar Al-Gadafi. Any notable event you feel is missing from the piece?

Tattooed Poster Chaos Crew 02

Tattooed Poster Chaos Crew 03

Tattooed Poster Chaos Crew 04

Tattooed Poster Chaos Crew 05

Tattooed Poster Chaos Crew 06

Tattooed Poster Chaos Crew 07

Tattooed Poster Chaos Crew 08


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