2011 NFL Lockout Lifted: Temporary Lock Off For NFL Lockout @MrVegasNYC

NFL Lockout Lifted: Temporary Lock Off For NFL Lockout

U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson decided that the lock out resides under federal labor law and prohibits injunctions, as claimed by the owners. Instead, per CNN she

“ruled in favor of NFL players on Monday, issuing an injunction that ordered the league’s owners to lift their lockout. However, Greg Aiello, NFL senior vice president of public relations, said the league will seek an immediate stay of the ruling pending an appeal. A lockout was imposed after talks between the players and owners broke down last month and the players disbanded their union. An NFL statement said an appeal will be on the grounds that federal law prohibits injunctions in labor disputes.”

According to reports, the $9 billion revenue generated by the league spawned the battle between NFL players and owners. NFL owners automatically take $1 billion and upon that, players generally receive about 60% which equates to a salary of about $790,000. On average, NFL careers lasts about four years.

If successful and the lock out continues, it would be the first NFL work stoppage since 1987.

That Continental ‘T

Tucked neatly into the northern coast of Africa, Muscat, the capital city of Oman strikes a breathtaking balance of coastal bliss by being situated on the Gulf of Oman and between arid, dry desert sands. On its outskirts, it’s flanked by picturesque mountains and long stretches of empty road which give it an old world feel. The city brims vibrantly along, reaping the cosmopolitan benefits of being a port town and a major point of origin for many other countries. Its influences are the fusion of new and old, and together those elements find a way to create something elegantly harmonious. And that’s also probably the reason Bentley Motors chosen this location for its first drive of the 2011 Bentley Continental GT. Given the juxtaposition of ancient and modern, there seems to be a natural fit between this city and this car. Continue reading

Cobra PhoneTag


The Cobra PhoneTag ($60) does exactly that, using a Bluetooth connection between the included dongle and your iPhone, Android device, or BlackBerry to let you know if your tagged item has left the vicinity. It immediately sends you an email or text message with GPS coordinates when it happens, and works the other way around, too, letting you “ring” your smartphone from the PhoneTag. Just don’t place your phone in the bag that’s got the PhoneTag on it, or you’ll be completely screwed.