“Talking Game!” -Just How SUPER Will Sunday Be? “My Uber Sunday” Returns…

Now you may never follow football a DAY in yo life! But one thing is for sure that you GOTTA know is, the Superbowl is THEE biggest sporting event EVER! And the parties to watch them are just as BIG! The food, the booze, the debates, the half-time show, the Disney shout out…and then there’s those commercials! So we (we meaning Detailed Events NYC & the Block Association) figured “Hey, what not a commercial for a Superbowl party?” Works for Budweiser right? Well here’s our ad to grab your attention, and hopefully you’ll come and attend the “uberness” this Sunday (Feb.6th) FYI* ladies your version is coming up too. We got you. (wink* )

Sunday Feb.6th (SUPERBOWL SUNDAY)the Block Association along w/ Detailed Events NYC presents

” My Uber Sunday Superbowl Party!”

No.1 Front St. (near Old Fulton St) Dumbo,Brooklyn
5pm-2am ( 6:30pm kick-off)
Music by the Ahficionados , & Soundproof Intl.
(feat. DJ Trauma & Silky Valente’ )
Special half-time performance by the Grand Army Players
Admission is FREE
Food (served till 12am ) & drinks till 2am
Table reservations HIGHLY suggested recommended!
Contact theBlockrsvp@gmail.com
Arrive EARLY to secure a must.


“Pregame Package” : $100

·Team of 4

·12 Beers

·Platter – calamari, mozzarella sticks, cheese quesadillas & chicken wings

“1st Quarter Package”: $125

·Team of 4

·1 Bottle – Choice of 1 Grey Goose or 1 Ciroc Coconut

·Platter – calamari, mozzarella sticks, cheese quesadillas & chicken wings

“2nd Quarter Package” : $275

·Team of 6-8

·2 bottles – Choice of Grey Goose, Ciroc Coconut or Rosé

·Platter – calamari, mozzarella sticks, cheese quesadillas & chicken wings

Kim Kardashian in Christian Louboutin “Change of Guard” Sandals and Balenciaga Bag

Kim Kardashian was spotted carrying a Balenciaga bag and wearing a sexy pair of Christian Louboutin “Change of Guard” sandals ($1,665 seen below in a framboise color). These suede platform open toe sandals are new for the spring and are an updated version of the popular Louboutin “Misfit” sandals from the Fall collection. They feature fringe detailing on a 6″ heel and a wrap-around buckled ankle strap. See more pics below

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TDK Boombox


MY RADIO !!!!!!

The TDK Boombox ($TBA) updates the old-school form factor with clean, modern design, and features a dedicated 6-inch subwoofer, two 6-inch coaxial drivers, a visual equalizer, touch-sensitive buttons, USB, instrument, RCA, and 3.5mm inputs, the former of which is capable of charging your iPod or iPhone, the ability to run off wall power or a whopping dozen “D” batteries, and a padded aluminum handle for classic, shoulder-mount use