Cynthia Rowley Works With Pampers On Designer Diapers – BABY BALLING, WOW!!!!


Fashion designers have been creating more and more inexpensive tie-ins lately but Cynthia Rowley’s latest creations are meant to be used and tossed away. The designer has collaborated with Pamperson a line of designer diapers. Pampers by Cynthia Rowley will be available in 11 colorful styles – for boys and girls – beginning in mid July 2010 at Target stores and on

The diaper collection will be available in pastel designs including madras, stripes and printed ruffles. “As a mom, I wanted other moms and dads to have more options in every part of their lives — even diapers,” said Rowley. “It’s the first piece of clothing your baby will ever wear, and it should be special.” Check out two more other designs after the jump.

NEW SHIT → Tron Legacy Lightcycle


Tron Legacy Lightcycle

From the makers of the Custom Batpod comes the latest movie-inspired motorbike: the Tron Legacy Lightcycle ($35,000). While the movie doesn’t hit theaters until December, anyone who saw the original knows the lightcycle races will be the highlight of the film, making the five Lightcycles instant classics. Unlike the Batpod, these are built to be street-legal, with custom 22-inch hubless wheels, custom Hoosier tires, electric or gasoline motors, two-inch hardened steel frames, carbon fiber/fiberglass bodies, and neon hidden behind frosted plexiglass for the accent colors.

Jordan Rare Air “Olympic”

The Jordan Rare Air has been making a bit of a show lately, and the latest model feature a colorway very similar to the Jordan Flight 9 Olympic models.

The upper is based in white leather but is heavily accented by bright red, blue, and yellow. Laser  engraved elephant print appears on the toe and heel, while the reflective silver tongue finds its own way to stand out. The midsole and outsole carry the burden of the red, blue and yellow accents, but white still maintains its dominance. Finally, a red Jumpman occupies the heel and matches the red liner. Continue reading

A Curious Incident Of Time: When Dee & Ricky Meets G-Shock

Freshness Feature: A Curious Incident Of Time: When Dee &  Ricky Meets G Shock

Once upon a time, there was a watch that was  all-resistant, it could fall through stories and stories, it could be frozen in ice then brutally excavated with a hammer, it could be thrown into the sea and then fished out after an extended period of time, and, it would keep on running. That’s right, the watch would keep on ticking, the digits would flash and change as if nothing happened, quite like time itself, stopping for no man.

In another land, at another time, a pair of twins discovered that they have a knack for transforming LEGO blocks into something wearable, something cool, something funky and fun. Gone were the days of building ranches and two-storey houses with white picket fences and swing sets with the little plastic blocks. Now, the LEGO blocks come in shapes of hearts, of everything imaginable and can be worn on shirts, coats, hats, bags…wherever you like.

Then, the shock-resistant watch met the twins, and something new was born. It was the Dee & Ricky x G-Shock GA-110 watch we had first reported on, partied for, investigated and delved into. To find out more about the partnership between G-Shock and fashion’s playful dynamic duo, Dee & Ricky, we spent a little time, caught up with Tadashi Shibuya, Vice General Manager of Casio’s Timepiece Division and Dee & Ricky, to chat a little bit about the collaboration. To get the low down on the who, when, what, why, where and how.

We promise, hilarity ensues, so click on over and visit our feature interview!

» Freshness Feature: A Curious Incident Of Time: When Dee & Ricky Meets G-Shock